Autostart Permission

If you own a Xiaomi / Huawei / VIVO / OPPO / Honor mobile device, we kindly ask you to grant Salestrail Auto Start permission so Salestrail can perform its call logging tasks. I know it sounds technical, but no worries, here are the detailed instructions that you need.

  1. Xiaomi: open Security menu > Permissions > Autostart > Turn it on for Salestrail.
  2. Huawei: open Phone Manager > Battery > Launch > Manage Batch Manually > Enable all three options for Salestrail.
  3. VIVO: open Settings > More Settings > Permission Management / Applications > Autostart > Turn it on for Salestrail.
  4. OPPO: open Security Center > Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager > Enable Autostart for Salestrail.
  5. Honor: open Settings > Apps > App Launch > turn it OFF for Salestrail > make sure Auto-Launch, Secondary Launch, and Run in background are ON > OK.

Please be mindful that this is a MUST for Salestrail in order to get your device's permission to work in the background. Without it, call logging performance can be spotty, and we absolutely don't want that for our users!

Adaptive Battery

This is more common among devices like Samsung, Redmi, Motorola, etc. If you own one, please go to your device's settings > search for Adaptive Battery and turn it OFF.


With Adaptive Battery OFF, Salestrail can work in the background all the time without requiring active usage all the time. No worries, Salestrail doesn't consume much battery at all, your phone will do just fine!

Background App Refresh

Here's for iPhone users. Normally, Background App Refresh is ON by default. However, if you notice some odd things with Salestrail's performance, please check if you might've accidentally turned it off.

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