• Calls: all logged calls. 100% means there is no unlogged call.

  • Emails: all logged emails. 100% means there is no unlogged email.

  • Events: all logged events. 100% means there is no unlogged event.

  • Tasks overdue: all tasks that have passed their due date. Users can delete to clean up.

  • Tasks upcoming: all tasks that users have in the queue. This helps users schedule and plan their work.

  • Prospects Available: Potential prospects that Salestrail detects by matching their email domain to an existing domain in your Salesforce database. All of the email addresses shown here are not in your Salesforce. This helps users enrich their Salesforce database.

  • Meetings Unfinished: All of your meetings that have happened are here. Users can choose to add notes of what was discussed in a meeting or simply delete it if not needed.

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