Step 1: Download the Salestrail app. 

Whether you are looking for a time-saving, automatic logging app or an integrated business card scanner that reminds you to follow up on new leads, Salestrail is available to rescue your time. 

We recommended you go through all 5 steps in order to enjoy the full benefits of Salestrail. It takes only around 30 seconds 😉.

Step 2: Agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Input your email address.

Step 4: Choose the Production Instance and log in using your Salesforce credentials.

Step 5: Enable call logging.

  • Go to Settings > Call Settings to Enable Call logging. After that, the logging mode should be as below:

Attention! on Android, the default call settings are Automatic.

If you want to know how to change the call logging mode, click here. 

Step 6: Connect Salestrail with your email and calendar account.

  • From Settings, go to Calendar Settings and Email Settings to log in.

  • Choose your email and calendar provider.

  • Choose the logging mode you prefer: Automatic vs Manual.

If you want to change the logging mode for emails and/or event later, check out this article for instructions.

Now you can start using Salestrail to log emails, calls, events to Salesforce within seconds, without switching to your desktop. The complete setup screen will look like below: 

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