Now that you've downloaded the app and successfully set up your device as well as your Salestrail account, let's take a quick tour inside Salestrail. 

  • USER SETTING: Here you can find all the basic settings for your email, call and calendar. 

Tip: If you're having trouble using our Caller ID feature, first check your iPhone setting and Enable Call in your user setting 😉. Find easy-breazy Caller ID activation instruction here.

  • ADD CONTACT / SCANNER: Yes, the business card scanner is hidden in the pinky plus button! This way, you can either add new contacts to current cases or instantly create opportunity to Salesforce with our integrated business card scanner. 

  • SEARCH SALESFORCE: Click here if you want to search for some Salesforce contacts on the way to the meeting, or want to make a quick call with the potential customer. With our customization, you can also search for Salesforce lists in Salestrail.  

Tip: Use the "Search Salesforce" bar above to quickly find contacts in your Salesforce. 

  • UNLOGGED ACTIVITIES / LOGGED ACTIVITIES: Whether you are in automatic logging or manual logging mode, you can use the Unlogged and Logged Activities tabs to view your activity history, log/ unlog them manually and delete from Salesforce. No awkward non-work activities logged in Salesforce ;)  

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