If you notice that your phone calls are not being tracked by Salestrail app, please have a look at all of these possible reasons and follow the instructions:

  1. Battery settings: maybe you haven't given Salestrail the permissions to not be optimised and restricted, see the suggested settings for your device here.

  2. Work Hours and Days: by default, Salestrail app is set to work 24/7. However, if you have changed the settings, make sure it's set up correctly (AM/PM).

  3. SIM card selections: since Salestrail app can be set up to track a specific SIM card on dual-SIM devices, double-check if you've chosen the right SIM. Usually, the SIM that has (Slot 1) and (Slot 2) are the SIM cards that are currently in your device.

  4. Background App Refresh on iPhone: this feature must be ON for Salestrail app to work.

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