How do I log calls manually to Salesforce?

Use Salestrail app to manuall log calls to your Salesforce

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If you are an iPhone user and want to log native calls (calls that take place outside of Salestrail app), or if you are an Android user and want to manually log an unlogged call, here are the step:

Step 1: Go to Unlogged Activities to view your unlogged calls.ย 

On iOS, all natives calls will be shown as Unknown Numbers in Unlogged Activities due to Apple's privacy restrictions.

Attention: Salestrail must be open in the background on your iPhone in order to notify native calls and bring them to Unlogged Activities as Unknown Number.

On Android, phone numbers show as either numbers or name in your device's phone book. No need to have the app open in the background ๐Ÿ˜‰

โ€‹Step 3: Tap on the calls that you'd like to log to Salesforce > Assign it to the right person (Caller ID can help you) or Create a new Salesforce record if needed > Complete the workflow.

  • Add notes.

  • Create a follow-up task.

  • Add due date to follow-up task.ย 

Once done, the call is shown in Logged Activities and Salesforce.
โ€‹Step 4: Delete calls you don't want to log to Salesforce by tapping on the bin symbol.ย 

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