1. On iOS:

If you would like to use Caller ID feature that Salestrail provides to you out-of-the-box, you need to make a one small change to Settings in your iPhone.

This is because the Caller ID is partly provided by Apple and works in combination with Salestrail.

Step 1: Open Settings from your iPhone
Step 2: Scroll and find Phone from the list and press it
Step 3: Find Call Blocking & Identification and press it

Step 4: Check that the Check Box next to Salestrail is enabled

Step 5: Close Salestrail and start it again.


The Caller ID will be displayed in two different places on your iPhone:

  • When you receive a call, the Caller ID is shown below the phone number

  • When you browse Call History, the Caller ID is shown on each call that was identified.

2. On Android:

You can enable Caller ID simply by going to device settings > Salestrail > Appear on top > Switch it on for Salestrail.

In addition, in Salestrail, please check the Caller ID box in Call Settings.

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