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Replay a call to retroactively log it to CRM
Replay a call to retroactively log it to CRM
If you use our integration with Salesforce/Hubspot/LeadSquared, you can replay a call to log it to your CRM.
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If you ever have a phone call with a number that isn't saved on your CRM and you want to log it, follow these steps to not lose any data :)

Step 1: Save that number to your CRM. Unless you do this, we cannot find a match to log the call.

Step 2: Go to the Call Analytics dashboard > Integrations > Integration Log. Choose "Failed" as the Status filter to see results quicker. The call should have a red light and when you hover to it, it tells you the reason why a call failed to log.

Step 3: Choose Replay, wait for Salestrail to process the call again. If the process is successful, the call will be logged to your CRM.

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