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Record GSM/SIM and WhatsApp calls on Android
Record GSM/SIM and WhatsApp calls on Android
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Currently, we offer the call recording feature for SIM calls and WhatsApp on Android devices only.

If your device has a built-in recorder, please follow the steps highlighted below:

To check if your device has a built in recorder, please do the following:

  1. Open your Android dialer

  2. Tap on the three lines or dots in the top right corner (on Samsung/Oppo/Realme) or in the bottom left corner (on Xiaomi).

  3. Select "Settings."

  4. Choose "Call Recording."

If you do not have the option 'Call Recording', your device most likely does not have a built-in recorder.

If your device does not have a built-in call recorder, please follow the steps below on how to record your calls via Salestrail recorder APK:

If you would like to record Whatsapp or Business Whatsapp calls only. Please follow the steps highlighted in the link below:

Picture: Salestrail App and Salestrail Recorder APK apps installed on an Android device.

Once a recording has been made for a call, it will show in the app like this.

You can listen to the recording

Once it's been uploaded, you will find it in Recording section on the Dashboard.

If you need assistance with any of the above, please book a meeting with us and we will help you to get all set up.

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