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How to record your WhatsApp and Whatsapp Business calls on Android
How to record your WhatsApp and Whatsapp Business calls on Android

This article helps users set up call recording for Whatsapp and whatsapp business

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Currently, we offer the call recording feature for WhatsApp/Whatsapp Business calls on Android devices with the exception of Oppo devices.

To use the WhatsApp call recording feature, install the Salestrail Recorder APK app alongside the Salestrail app on your device.

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to adhere to local laws and regulations pertaining to call recording. Additionally, in specific jurisdictions, obtaining explicit consent from all parties involved in the conversation may be a legal requirement.


Step 1:

  1. Accept any prompts and allow all permissions requested.

  2. Once the APK is downloaded to your device, it's time to install the app.

  3. Tap the file name followed by Install.

Step 2: Go to Salestrail Main App Settings > Check the box Track Whatsapp Calls

Step 3: Open the Salestrail Recorder and configure it to enable WhatsApp call recording as depicted in the image provided below:

TIP: To ensure that calls are recorded without fail, both Salestrail app and Salestrail recorder app should be running in the background. Remove all battery restrictions and optimizations on your device to keep both apps from being put to sleep.

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