I made a call from my iPhone dialer and it wasn't logged.
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Because of iPhone's privacy restrictions, phone calls made outside of Salestrail can't be logged automatically to Salesforce and they will appear as Unknown Numbers in Unlogged Activities tab. We highly recommend you to call from Salestrail, using our "Search Salesforce" bar to access any contacts / leads you want to get in touch with (look for instructions here). 

If you make / receive a phone call from your dialer, you have to manually log those calls. We recommend you turn on Caller ID (instructions here) to make manual logging easier.

In order to log calls that have been made / received on your iPhone dialer, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Unlogged Activities and tap on calls you want to log to Salesforce. 

  • Choose to assign the call to an existing contact / lead or create a new contact / lead (instructions here).

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