With Salestrail, you are always able to access all of your leads and contact, and directly make a call. We highly recommend users make outbound calls to contacts / leads from Salestrail for the calls to be automatically logged.

There are two ways to call a contact / lead using Salestrail: calling from Search Salesforce tab and calling from Logged Activities tab.

Option 1: Calling from Search Salesforce tab.

Step 1: Go to Search Salesforce Tab 

Step 2: Search for the contact you'd like to give a call, and tap on the 📞 icon to call them directly from Salestrail. 

Option 2: Calling from Logged Activities tab.

Step 1: Choose a contact / lead that you want to call from a call / email / event in Logged Activities tab.

Step 2: If it's a call activity, choose Call, then tap on the 📞 icon to call the numbers you want (for Emails and Event, the numbers are prompted directly).

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