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No data on the dashboard: reasons and solutions.
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Are you as an Owner/Team admin seeing 0 data on the dashboard? Maybe you suspect that the data isn't 100% accurate? Let's check a few things to make sure everything is in place, shall we?

  1. Has your trial/subscription expired? Do you have more users than the number of licenses you've purchased?
    When that happens, you will be notified by this text box at the top of your screen. In this case, purchase the licenses or remove users if need.

  2. Not all of your colleagues have joined your Organisation.
    To make sure everyone is in your organisation, check User Management.
    If it says Invited User, they haven't accepted the invitation nor signed up.
    If it says In another Organization, they've created their own org and cannot join you. They need to remove themselves from that org and join yours by logging in again.

  3. Your colleagues haven't installed the Salestrail app to track their calls.
    You can monitor this by going to User Management, the red circle indicates that the user hasn't installed the Salestrail app.


    Everything is in place but you still don't see accurate data? Send us a detailed message to the chat or email us

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