If you are tracking your salespeople's calls, you need to start out by creating your organization.

Step 1: Sign up with your email on https://callanalytics.salestrail.io/dashboard

Step 2: Go through the onboarding and copy your organisation’s Signup link

Note: When you name your organisation, make sure it's the closest to your company's name instead of something general so when you invite people to join, they are certain that they are joining to correct organisation.

Step 3: Invite your colleagues by adding them to a team (see How to create a team). They will receive an email to join your organisation and team. You can also invite them by giving them your organisation's signup link.

If you are a user belonging to a team and your calls are being tracked:

Step 1: Wait for the invitation from your manager

Step 2: Once you've received the invitation, sign up on https://callanalytics.salestrail.io/dashboard

Step 3: Download the Salestrail app from App Store or Play Store

Step 4: You will be able to see your own calls on the dashboard

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