To start using Salestrail, you must connect Salesforce to Salestrail, otherwise, where will we log those valuable activities? 😋

When you first download Salestrail, you are given 3 Salesforce instance options to sign in: Production, Salesforce Partner and Sandbox.

Usually, Production is the most common instance. Please make sure to double-check with your Salesforce admin as well.

Sandbox is for testing purpose, so unless you're in charge of that and have valid Sandbox credentials, please don't choose this instance.

Note: if your team has a Custom Domain that is used for signing in, please choose it at the sign-in window.

Now, if you can't complete your login, it could be because of one of these reasons:

  • Wrong credentials: Salesforce will notify you that either your username or password is wrong.

  • Your Salesforce license has not been activated: Please contact your Salesforce admin to solve this.

  • Salestrail is not an allowed third-party app on your organisation's Salesforce: Sometimes, we must be granted permission by your organisation's Salesforce admin for safety reason.

  • Time-out session: An unstable internet connection or a drop in the cloud can result in a failed login. You can try again by restarting Salestrail.

If none of these reasons is true in your case, please feel free to report to us here.

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