One day you wake up and find out that your emails and events are no longer logging to Salesforce automatically like they used to, it's likely because your email and calendar accounts have disconnected from Salestrail.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Salestrail hasn't been able to notify users when any of your connection is interrupted, therefore, please take the initiatives to check in once in a while.

Note: If you update your email and calendar credentials, you MUST reconnect them to Salestrail, see instructions here.

To check your connection, simply open Salestrail app > Settings > Email Settings and Event Settings.

  • If you see Log in, that means it's disconnected and you need to re-connect.

  • If the Last Sync date is not current, it could mean that your connection has been interrupted. Please reconnect as well.

If only a few emails and events have not been logged, it's possible that they are in your Unlogged Activities tab. Sometimes, activities aren't logged automatically due to Multiple matches or No matches reason. However, you can manually log them easily, instructions here.

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