It's super simple to get an accurate overview of all history and future activities that have been logged to a Salesforce record on Salestrail. We bring you real-time activities that you've logged to a Salesforce account/contact/lead/opportunity so you can have almost everything in one place.

Step 1: search for the Salesforce record that you'd like to look for details, just like you'd do on Salesforce. You can either tap on the Search Salesforce bar on the home-screen or the Search Salesforce tab from the bottom menu.

Step 2: Type in the name of the record you want to look for. In this case, I searched for account Safehaven Ltd, the result is the account as well as the contacts and leads under that account.

Step 3: Tap to open the record that you want, you should be led to a contact card where you can see every logged activity under the record.

Completed Tasks are calls, emails, events, or any other tasks that have taken place. You can tap on Show All to see everything. If you want to see the content of a logged email, simply tap on it.

Open Tasks are tasks scheduled for the future.

In this case, because it's an Account that we're looking at, the list of Contacts under Safehaven Ltd is displayed. If you are interested in a specific contact, tapping on it will lead you to that contact's card.

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