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Understanding the Call Analytics dashboard.
Understanding the Call Analytics dashboard.
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Users of Salestrail Call Tracking to Dashboard has all necessary call data on the Dashboard and it is such a tremendous help in productivity management. However, to make the most out of the data, you should fully understand what each data means.

Now, let's get to business 😎!

1. The sidebar menu:

  • Analytics: gives you an Overview of the organisation and an option to add more personalised views.

  • Calls: shows you all calls that have been tracked by Salestrail from selected users.

  • Recordings: show you all recordings that have been created by Salestrail from selected users.

  • Team Management: where you can group users into different teams.

  • User Management: provides you with the list of users and their status, you can manage their licenses here as well.

  • Subscription: the place to purchase licenses, it keeps all invoices and information about your Org's subscription.

  • Integrations: where you can enable the Salestrail integration with selected CRMs and monitor the integration logs.

  • API Docs: our API to pull data from the cloud and import it to a CRM.

  • Referral Program: refer Salestrail to your friends and receive our gifts.

  • Settings: control a few settings for your Org.

2. The Overview:

  • Export as csv: export the call data to your computer as a .csv file

  • Calls: the total amount of calls that you've made or received

  • Outbound calls: calls that you make

  • Inbound calls: calls that you receive

  • Unique calls: calls excluding repetition of numbers

  • Avg. Duration per Answered Call: average talk time

  • Ranking: your position comparing to other team members based on your number of calls.

  • Most active hour by calls: a comparison to see during what hour is the user the most active

  • Outbound call connection rate: the number of calls you pick up.

That's it! I hope this article is helpful to you beginners ❤️

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