With Salestrail Call Tracking to Dashboard, you can share data with your whole team by inviting them or accepting their invitation. Either way, here are what you can do with Salestrail invitations:

1. How to accept/decline an invitation?

When your team members send you an invitation, you will get an email from us and

  • If you're a brand new user, the invitation will be shown when you install Salestrail.
  • If you've already installed and been using Salestrail, you will find the invitations in Permissions > Invitations tab in the app.

To accept the invitation, please simply choose to Accept. The same for declining. If accepted, the invitation will be moved to Permissions.

2. How to send an invitation?

You can send invitations from the Dashboard.

Once you've accessed it, you will be shown a quick tutorial on how to send invitations to your teammates.

Step 1: Go to Team > Enter the email address of the user you want to invite and access their call data sharing.

Step 2: Make sure that person accepts the invitation AND start using Salestrail Call Tracking to Dashboard. You can also rename your team if you want.

Step 3: Once all of that is completed, go back to the Dashboard and enjoy accurate data sharing 🎉🎉🎉

Note: You can be a part of many teams!

However, if you're already a part of a team, you cannot create a new team anymore.

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