Call logging on Android is very simple and straight-forward. These are the steps to start:

1. Enable call logging permission.

When set up Salestrail, you should see a wizard asking for permission to log calls. Tapping on it will do the work. Your call settings should look like this at the end.

2. Grant Autostart permission if needed.

If you own a Xiaomi/VIVO/OPPO device, you must grant Autostart permission for Salestrail. Please read more here.

3. Set up your Office Hours.

On Android, users can fine-tune the app to not log calls after work by setting up Office Hours. You should find it in Salestrail settings and you can set it as your preference (day and time).

Note: Deselecting every day will enable Salestrail 24/7.

4. Start your automatic call logging experience!

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