For iOS users, call duration is unfortunately either unavailable or not entirely reliable. Apple has a background restriction that puts any app into a sleep mode after 180 seconds in the background, and this affects how Salestrail tracks your call duration.

1. Duration Unavailable: There are 2 time-stamps for each call, one is created when you dial/pick up, the other is created when you hang up. If Salestrail has been running in the background for more than 180 seconds or the call lasts for more than 180 seconds, Salestrail cannot create the 2 timestamps, as a result, there is no call duration.

2. Inaccurate Duration: If you dial/pick up a call when Salestrail is not in the sleep mode, the first timestamp is created. However, if your call lasts for more than 180 seconds or you don't go back to Salestrail instantly after hanging up, the second timestamp is created at the moment you open Salestrail again.

For example, you pick up a call from contact X at 10:00 AM and Salestrail is active at that point, then you end the call at 10:07 AM and go back to Salestrail to log that call at 11:00 AM. This call will likely have a duration of 1 hour instead of 7 minutes.


1. Make Salestrail calls.

If you make an outbound call from within the app and don't leave Salestrail app to go to other apps or to home, your call's duration will be recorded accurately.

NOTE: Always have Salestrail open when you hang up on a Salestrail call.

2. Contact us to customise Salestrail for call duration manual input.

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