To invite your team members to use Salestrail app and share their call data on the Dashboard, you can send them either an invite from the dashboard (the invitees will receive an email with a link to follow) or the organisation's sign-up link.

Option 1: Add users from the Dashboard.

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to User Management > Add User.

Step 3: Invite the people you want by their email addresses. Assign them an organisation role, to teams and manager role if needed.

Step 4: Add User > The invitees will receive an email with instructions to sign up from either the dashboard or the Salestrail app (please make sure you check the Spam folder as well).

Option 2: Inviting users with the organisation's sign-up link.

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard.

Step 2: If you are the organisation's admin, you should see the organisation's sign-up link box on the left after installing the Salestrail app.

Step 3: Copy link > Send it to whomever you want to invite.

Step 4: The invitees follow that link to sign up on the Dashboard.

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