Why are my calls tracked with a delay?
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If you use mobile data and have lots of back-to-back calls during your working hours, sometimes, you will notice that Salestrail doesn't log your calls immediately after you hang up. No worries, no data is lost, they just come with a delay, which could range from 10 minutes to a few hours. Read more about it here.

The reasons:

  • You haven't set up your device correctly as suggested by us.

  • Mobile devices prioritise calls, hence, your data connection "weakens" when you are on a call (especially if you're using Edge or 3G). If your device and phone provider support VoLTE, it might help in this situation. If not, there are chances that Salestrail doesn't get a sufficient internet connection to log the calls immediately.

  • Another possibility is your mobile device has the Internet Hotspot turned on, which can make the data connection spotty.

The solutions:

  • Be patient: give Salestrail some time to process the data.

  • Let your phone rest for a while.

  • Make outbound phone calls from Salestrail instead of over-using your device's keypad.

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