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Where is my data stored with Salestrail?

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  • On the business card scanner, is the image sent to your cloud/ an API or anywhere else for the processing? 

The Business Card Reader is implemented locally on Salestrail and the sata isn’t sent anywhere for processing. The Image Processing for the Business Card Scanner takes place inside the mobile devices and there are no API Calls required here. 

  • Does the app make the API call directly to Salesforce, or does it have to go through a hosted service that you provide that brokers the connection to Salesforce?

Salestrail works in combination with our Cloud and the Cloud is responsible for relaying requests to Salesforce and providing the results back to Salestrail. In other words, Salestrail is connected to our Cloud, and the Cloud is connected to Salesforce.

  • Is there any server side configuration / administration, or is everything managed in the app?

Salestrail has a server-side configuration that resides in our Cloud. Currently, all the configuration changes are done by us. However, if the future the goal is to allow the Company to make whatever changes they want through or Web Dashboard.

  • What about the privacy of my sales activities? 

If you use automatic logging we will only log activities if the match is found from Salesforce. 

Private calls & events will be shown in the app as unlogged and will only be available for the user to be either deleted from the unlogged list, or l manually added to Salesforce.

If you are concerned about privacy you can also turn on the manual logging and selectively choose what activities you want to log. 

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