How do I create a new contact / lead / account?

Easily add new leads, contacts and accounts to Salesforce

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In Salestrail, you can create contacts on different Salesforce levels, enabling accurate and useful automated data entry from your mobile. 

Step 1: Click on the pinky Plus button 

Step 2: Choose your contact level: lead, contact or account  

Step 3: Create a new account / contact / lead with the option you want (manual typing / transfer from phone book / business card scanner)

Step 4 (Optional): Attach an additional picture file by using Attachments (clipper symbol)

If you want an additional file (a document / the back of a business card / flyers / brochures), you can do so by taking picture of it using Attachments feature. This attachment file will stay under Notes and Attachments in Salesforce.

Step 5: Submit!

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